Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church

“Waking to Woke”

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34th Annual Minnesota Lutheran Free Conference
(At a free conference the speakers are free, free to speak as individuals, not as representatives of a church body.)
Saturday, October 30, 2021
9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Redeemer Lutheran Church
2719 Third Street North
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Hosted by Minnesota North Confessional Lutherans and Other Friends and Supporters
“Waking to Woke”
Understanding & Responding to a Woke Culture

Rev. Paul Dare, Pastor, Zion Lutheran Church, Alexandria, MN. The title of his presentation is: “Christians in a Woke World.” Pastor Dare has spoken on this topic on a number of Issues Etc. broadcasts. Questions he will address include: Have you ever wondered why the world is more divided along the lines of race, gender, religion, & income? Have you noticed that trust in institutions such as churches, government, marriage, and family is failing? Have you ever wondered why so many Christian youth go to college and seem to lose their Christian faith? Answers to these questions, Pastor Dare will assert, depend on Christians understanding the new Marxism, often called “Cultural Marxism.”

Rev. Fred Hinz, Emeritus, Gaylord, MN, is the Public Policy Advocate for the MN North & MN South Districts. His presentation is titled: “Preaching the Gospel to a Radically Distorted World.” The world in which we live and in which we preach and teach the Gospel, Pastor Hinz concludes, has been intentionally and malevolently distorted with many
long-lasting, potentially eternal consequences. He will document the current Federal and State-level legislative and judicial means by which this distortion has been and is being perpetrated. He will also suggest preaching and teaching strategies to cut through the fog and help reground people in the beautiful, real world our gracious God has created for us.

Cost: $25/person; $10/high school or college student (includes coffee, rolls, & lunch). Though the fee is not due until you attend the conference, please RSVP to Redeemer on or before Monday, October 25th, for meal and refreshment planning. (320)-252-8171 or Though Redeemer is the host congregation, it does not plan this conference. A committee of pastors from both the MNS and MNN Districts of the LCMS is responsible. Therefore, questions about this conference are not to be directed to Redeemer or her pastor, but to committee member Rev. John Grein